8 Interesting Poker Facts

8 Interesting Poker Facts

Poker is a game loved and hated by people for their own reasons. Some make it big with poker, while some also lose their everything to the game. Today it is a sport with several global level tournaments. There are so many things to learn about poker that makes it even more interesting. Here are ten poker facts that you may not have heard before.

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The longest poker game

The longest poker game in history has lasted for eight years, five months, and three days. The tournament took place in Arizona in 1881 and has a pot value of over $10 million. The buy-in for the game was $1000.

First poker chip

The first poker chip was made with ivory, wood, clay, and parts of the bone. Before this, people used to bet in games with gold bars and dust. When the betting values became difficult to calculate during the games, it became necessary to invent chips.

The first online poker game

Online casinos have been trending for the past two decades, but the first online poker game was played even before that. On 1st Jan 1998, poker was made available to be played between two real players. Video poker was available before this as a game played against a computer.

The early deck of cards

Some of the experts believe that the early deck of poker cards consisted of only 20 cards. Each player was given five cards at a table of four, and the player with the best hand will win the game.

The four kings of poker

Some historians believe that the four kings in poker signify the kinds from ancient times. They have been named after Roman Caesar Augustus, King David of Israel, King Charlemagne of France, and Alexander the Great.

Poker is a mind sport

Poker is officially a mind sport under the International Mind Sports Association (IMSA). Every poker game played at the tournament level can call the players athletes because they use strategies and skills to win over their opponents.

Odds of Royal Flush

Consider yourself lucky if you receive a Royal Flush in a fair game. The odds for receiving a royal flush is 1 in 649,740. It was discovered by Courtney Taylor, a Ph.D. mathematician at Anderson University. Next time you get a royal flush, make sure to celebrate your luck.

The Dead Man’s Hand

This legendary tale has based on the story of Wild Bill Hickok. He was a recognized poker player and was shot during a game when he had two aces and two eights. He was shot by John McCall due to a dispute. Today anyone who gets two aces and two aces are said to have the dead man’s hand.

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